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What Functions do Front and Rear Axles Serve?

Your Mitsubishi has two axles: a front axle and a rear axle. Without functioning front and rear axles, your car is completely immobile, which defeats its entire purpose. In other words, the front and rear axles keep your car moving. They also help bear the weight of the vehicle, as well as its passengers and cargo.

How an Axle Works

An axle is a steel rod with a wheel connected to each end. When you press down on the gas pedal, the axle delivers power to the wheels. When you hit the brakes, the braking system stops the wheel and axle. How does your car make its axles spin, though?

If your car has a two-wheel-drive system, it has a drive axle and a dead axle. If your car has a four-wheel- or all-wheel-drive system, then both of your axles are drive axles.

A rear drive axle is connected to the driveshaft, which extends from the transmission and engine. When powered by the engine and transmission, the driveshaft spins the drive axle, which then spins the wheels and puts the car into motion.

A front or rear dead axle is not connected to the driveshaft or transaxle. Only the hubs on a dead axle rotate. The axle itself is stationary. Even though it may seem that a dead axle is just “along for the ride”, it’s still quite useful. It helps carry some of the weight, and it provides balance and stability.

What Happens When One of Your Axles Fails

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Sometimes a drive axle will crack or break as a result of one of these issues:

  • Overloaded vehicle
  • Severe pothole damage
  • Sudden change in wheel speed (spinning on ice, then hitting dry pavement)
  • Other

Once broken completely, your car can’t move at all. If one of your axles happens to break on the road, you may lose control of your car and you could get into a serious accident.

That’s why it’s so important to replace a failing axle as soon as possible.

Why Get an OEM Replacement Axle?

Axle shaft new

When it’s time to replace one of your axles, we recommend getting an OEM replacement axle. There are aftermarket axle assemblies, but they’re often low quality and unsafe to use. This article goes into more detail about why OEM replacement axles are the better choice.