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The 2 Most Common Mitsubishi Door Handle Problems

Some Mitsubishi owners are no strangers to door handle issues. Since door handles are used all the time, it’s only natural for them to suffer from wear and tear over time. After going through all the complaints from Mitsubishi owners we could find online, we found a trend: there are only two common door handle problems on Mitsubishi vehicles. Let’s talk about each one in more detail.

1. Exterior Door Handle Breaking Off

Image Credit: redturboeclipse

This issue is very common on older Mitsubishi models (mostly pre-2006 models). Many owners of these cars can tell you that they’ve had their exterior door handle break off when they tried to open the door. An Endeavor owner said that they just had to replace the handle because the assembly itself was still fine.

If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to order an OEM replacement door handle from us (at wholesale pricing!) and then replace the door handle. Here’s a good Mitsubishi door handle replacement tutorial to follow.

2. Door Latch Not Releasing

Some Mitsubishi owners reported having pulled the handle, but not being able to open the door. It’s because the latch didn’t release when the handle was pulled. Some Mitsubishi owners attribute this issue to a broken spring. A 1997 Eclipse owner had the spring replaced and it solved the issue for them. If it’s a recurring issue, then you might want to look into another solution like replacing the entire assembly.

Fixing or Replacing Your Door Handle

If you’re a Mitsubishi owner with a broken door handle, we would love to help you with anything you need to get your door handle back in good working order. Whether you need help pinpointing the problem or you need to find the right replacement part(s) for your car, we’re just the people to talk to. Feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!