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What to Do When You Have a Failing Mitsubishi Alternator: A Comprehensive Guide

The alternator is arguably the most important part of your Mitsubishi’s electrical system. Without it, the battery would quickly drain and leave your car with no electrical power. If you suspect that your alternator is failing, this guide is for you. This guide covers everything you need to do when you have a failing alternator, including:

  • Recognizing the symptoms of a failing alternator
  • Diagnosing a failing alternator
  • Rebuilding or replacing an alternator
  • Finding the right OEM replacement alternator for your car

Mitsubishi alternator

The Symptoms of a Failing Alternator

The sooner you recognize the symptoms of a failing alternator, the better. The main telltale signs of a failing alternator are:

  • Dim lights at idle
  • Warning light (battery, GEN, or ALT symbol) coming on
  • The smell of burning rubber or hot wires
  • A whining or growling noise
  • Excessive wear on the serpentine belt

You can read about each symptom in more detail here: Is Your Outlander Alternator Failing? (Note that this article is specifically written for the Outlander model, but it can be applied to any Mitsubishi model.)

How to Diagnose a Failing Alternator at Home

The best way to confirm that you’ve got a failing alternator is to rule out other issues first. If everything else looks good, then you need to confirm that your Mitsubishi’s electrical system isn’t getting enough voltage. To do this, use a cigarette lighter voltage gauge. A detailed list of steps is outlined here: How to Diagnose a Failing Alternator at Home

How to Rebuild a Mitsubishi Alternator

Rebuilding your alternator is a project that’s best handled by an experienced technician. The alternator has a lot of small parts that are hard to find at auto parts stores. These parts are also easy to misplace when you take the alternator apart. If you’re confident that you can rebuild an alternator yourself, this tutorial has all the steps you need: How to Rebuild a Mitsubishi Alternator

However, almost any auto technician would tell you that it’s just easier (and usually cheaper) to replace your alternator.

Reasons to Get an OEM Replacement Alternator

If you decide to replace your alternator, you might be wondering whether you should get an OEM or aftermarket replacement unit. An OEM unit is the cheaper, safer, and easier option for the reasons outlined here: 3 Reasons to Replace Your Mitsubishi Alternator With an OEM Part Instead of an Aftermarket Part

At, we offer discounted prices for genuine OEM alternators. For example:

  • Alternator part number M368519D (for 2000-2003 Galant models) normally costs over $300, but you can get it from us for only $230.
  • Alternator part number M150657D (for 1991-1996 3000GT models) normally costs over $350, but you can get it from us for only $265.
  • Alternator part number M195436D (for 1995-1996 Mirage models) normally costs about $250, but you can get it from us for only $180.

You can see if we have a deeply discounted OEM alternator for your Mitsubishi model here.