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Mitsubishi Brake Rotors Buyer's Guide

Brake rotors wear out over time. Worn rotors drastically reduce your car’s stopping power and can jeopardize your safety on the road. That’s why it’s important to know what rotors are, recognize the signs of worn rotors, and how to replace rotors correctly.

This comprehensive Mitsubishi brake rotor guide has all the answers you need.

What are Brake Rotors?

Mitsubishi rotors

Brake rotors are the metal discs in a disc brake setup. There’s one rotor behind each wheel. The purpose of a rotor is to work with the other braking system components to stop your car in a matter of seconds. When you apply the brakes, the caliper at each wheel squeezes the brake pads against the rotor. When the pads come in contact with the rotor, enough friction is created to bring the vehicle to a complete halt. That is, if the brake pads and rotors are still in good shape.

If you want to read more about brake rotors and how they work in more detail, this article is just the reading material you need: How Mitsubishi Brake Rotors Work

Inspecting the Brake Rotors: What to Look For

A worn out rotor will disrupt your Mitsubishi’s braking performance and can endanger you and other drivers on the road. It’s important to confirm that you have a bad rotor and then replace it as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to visually inspect your rotor. This guide has all the steps you need to conduct a thorough inspection.

Deciding Between OEM and Aftermarket Brake Rotors

When you’re shopping for replacement brake rotors, you have to decide whether to buy OEM or aftermarket rotors. We recommend OEM rotors because there are too many risks associated with aftermarket rotors. Aftermarket rotors may be incompatible with your vehicle’s braking system for many reasons. This article goes into more detail about why you should think twice before purchasing aftermarket rotors: Are OEM Mitsubishi Brake Rotors Better Than Aftermarket?

Replacing Your Rotors: a Tutorial

Replacing your rotors is easier than it sounds as long as you have the right tools. If you decide to replace them yourself, you’ll benefit from this step-by-step tutorial: How to Replace the Mitsubishi Brake Rotors.

If you have a question that wasn’t addressed in this guide, you’re welcome to reach out to us via our contact form.