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Mitsubishi Axle Assemblies: OEM or Aftermarket?

Are you trying to decide between an OEM or aftermarket replacement axle assembly for your Mitsubishi? You came to the right place.

This article is written specifically to help you and other Mitsubishi owners reach an educated decision on whether to buy an OEM axle assembly or an aftermarket one. First, let’s talk about what most people are mainly concerned about: cost.

It’s pretty much universally believed that OEM parts usually cost more than aftermarket parts, but it’s not necessarily the case. While OEM Mitsubishi axle assemblies usually cost more upfront than aftermarket axle assemblies, they actually save you money in the long run.

How an OEM Axle Assembly Will Save You More Money Than an Aftermarket One

Even if you pay a hefty markup for an OEM axle assembly at a Mitsubishi dealership you’ll likely still save money in the long run. (And, you can avoid paying a markup by ordering a genuine OEM axle assembly from us.)

The same cannot be said about aftermarket axle assemblies because they’re not always reliable in terms of quality and safety. Also, they’re not usually backed by a warranty. We’ll discuss these points more later, but first let’s talk about how an OEM axle assembly is a smart investment:


We cannot stress enough how important quality is when it comes to axle assemblies. While quality should be a high priority with all car parts, it’s extra important with axle assemblies because they are moving your car down the road. Also, they’re directly exposed to rain, snow, salt, road debris, etc.

Both axles on your car need to be strong and durable, and OEM Mitsubishi axle assemblies fit the bill. Mitsubishi makes sure its OEM axle assemblies are:

  • Made with the highest quality metals
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions

With a set of OEM axles on your Mitsubishi, you have the peace of mind that you’re riding on the best axles there are for your car.


Image Credit: mesing2005

OEM axles are built to OEM specs, meaning they will fit your car perfectly. Because OEM axles are built the right way, the chances of one of your axles failing are drastically reduced. This is a big deal because it’s incredibly inconvenient when an axle fails while the car is in motion. You'll basically be stranded, and your car will need to be towed.

The Dangers of Using an Aftermarket Axle Assembly

You may find the low upfront cost of an aftermarket axle assembly pretty alluring, but the truth is that aftermarket axle assemblies are often expensive and unsafe. Here’s why:

Low Quality

Often times, aftermarket manufacturers will build their parts with low quality materials and shoddy workmanship. It explains why aftermarket parts are usually cheap.

It might be OK to install a cheap aftermarket part that’s cosmetic, such as seat covers. But it’s dangerous to cheap out on a part that plays a big part in your car’s performance or mobility. Your axles, for instance. Cheap aftermarket axles probably won’t last a long time and you'll just have to replace them again later.

The Bottom Line

To put it plainly, OEM axle assemblies are safer and sometimes less expensive than aftermarket axle assemblies. We would recommend OEM over aftermarket any day of the week.

Please contact us with any questions that weren’t answered in this article.