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Should I Repair Or Replace A Failing Mitsubishi Door Handle?

It's a minor issue, but a broken car door handle is one of the most annoying problems you can have with your car. A malfunctioning door handle makes entering and exiting your car quite a chore, and it can be a hazard in an emergency situation.

So it's only natural to want to fix a broken door handle as soon as possible. However, first you have to decide what to do first: to repair the door handle or to replace it.

You might save a bit of money by taking apart the door handle assembly, pinpointing the issue, and then replacing the broken component(s) only. However, is it really worth the trouble?

Let's ask 3 questions to determine whether repairing the door handle instead of replacing the whole thing is worthwhile or a bad idea.

1. Do You Know What's Wrong With the Door Handle?

If the issue is obvious, then you might be able to repair it without much trouble. However, it depends on what is broken. For example, if the handle itself is cracked or broken, it might be too much trouble to glue it back together and then repaint it. It'd be easier to just replace the handle.

If you're not sure what's causing your door handle to malfunction, then you have two options:

  1. Thoroughly inspect and test the door handle assembly in order to pinpoint the malfunctioning component(s)
  2. Replace the door handle assembly

2. Do You Have the Knowledge and Expertise to Repair the Door Handle Assembly?

The door handle assembly is somewhat complicated. It contains a lot of small parts, some of which are difficult to reach and/or remove.

If you're not really familiar with the door handle assembly on your Mitsubishi, you're going to have a bad time trying to repair it. If you ask us, it's just easier to replace the whole door handle assembly. That way, you'll remove the door panel only once. To repair your door handle assembly, you would have to remove the door panel twice: once to figure out which components are bad and then again to repair the assembly. It's a time-consuming task that can be quite a pain to do.

3. Can You Find All the Replacement Components You Need?

Image Credit: DFC Garage

Even if you do have the expertise to repair the door handle assembly instead of replacing the whole thing, you might still have a hard time finding the replacement components you need. While Mitsubishi offers OEM components, it doesn't offer every single component in your car. Most likely, you would need to find an aftermarket component, or a part from a junkyard. Either way, the parts can be hard to find.

Sometimes repairing your door handle assembly makes sense if the issue is obvious and easy to fix. Otherwise, we would just replace the door handle assembly.

Where to Find Genuine OEM Replacement Parts

Whether you decide to repair or replace your Mitsubishi's door handle, you need to order replacement parts before you can start the job. We recommend getting OEM replacement parts because they're so much better than aftermarket parts in terms of quality and fitment.

Some people might be a little hesitant to purchase OEM replacement parts from Mitsubishi dealers because of their steep prices. The good news is that you don't have to pay the high prices set by dealerships for OEM parts. At, we offer wholesale pricing for genuine OEM Mitsubishi replacement parts, including door handles and components. If you buy from us, you'll save about 30% on dealership prices.

We'll be happy to help you find the right part number(s) if you reach out to us via phone or our contact form.