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How To Replace Mitsubishi Exterior Door Handles

Replacing a door handle on a Mitsubishi vehicle is a cost-effective job. It can also be a breeze if you have all the tools you need and a comprehensive step-by-step guide like this one.

Whenever you're ready, roll up your sleeves and follow this tutorial for replacing the door handle(s) on your Mitsubishi.

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is based on the Galant model, but you may be able to follow it with another Mitsubishi model.

Finding the Best Prices for OEM Replacement Door Handles

Mitsubishi door handle

When shopping for replacement car parts, finding the best prices is pretty high on the list of priorities of most people. That's why some people buy aftermarket door handles instead of OEM ones. If you're dead set on getting OEM replacement door handles (which is always the better option, if you ask us), we have good news: you can score real OEM replacement door handles for wholesale pricing at our website. Just do a search on your Mitsubishi model here.

When you have everything in order, you can proceed to replace the door handle by following these steps:

1. Take Off the Inner Door Panel

The inner door panel has to be removed in order for you to access the door handle assembly. This is the best way to take it off:

  1. Unfasten the screws in the following places:
    1. Behind the interior door handle
    2. Inside the grab bar
    3. Behind the reflector on the outer edge of the door panel
  2. Gently pry the door panel loose along the edge and then pull it off.
  3. There may be some electric wires still connected to the door panel. Disconnect them all. Usually, there's a tab that you pull down on to disconnect the wires from the door panel.
  4. Set the door panel aside.

2. Uninstall the Old Door Handle

Image Credit: Cars & Cash

  1. Peel back the plastic or foam cover on the door. There's an adhesive on it that will stick right back on the door when you're done installing the new handle.
  2. There might be another cover in the area where you have to access the door handle (top left area). If there is, carefully pop it off the door.
  3. Unfasten the bolts in the following areas:
    1. The small square hole located on the top left side of the large hole in the door
    2. On the upper edge of the large hole
    3. The small round hole on the left side of the large hole (when you remove this one, the door handle will come loose)
  4. Go around to the exterior of the door and then gently pry the old door handle loose. There might be some tabs keeping it in place. You can easily remove these tabs with a flat screwdriver or your hands.

3. Install the New Door Handle

  1. Fit the new door handle in place.
  2. Go around to the interior side of the door panel and then:
    1. Click the tabs in place (if there are any)
    2. Refasten all of the bolts you removed.
  3. Test the new door handle to see if it's installed correctly.
  4. Reinstall the door panel in the reverse order of removal.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or walk you through the door handle replacement process if you contact us here.